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Miami, FL August 15, 2012

Miami, FL August 15, 2012 - More than 62 million people on computers, 16 million via mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones and tablets) and 19.8 million via Digital Out of Home screens (found in places such as subway stations, cafes, gyms, etc) followed the London Olympic Games through Terra, between July 25 and August 12, in 19 countries - 17 of them in Latin America, the region for which the company acquired the broadcasting rights, besides coverage in the United States and Spain.

"The London 2012 Olympic Games were for sure the Digital Olympics. These figures combined would mean a total audience of 97.8 million people. This is landmark for Terra, and the digital market," commented Terra's CEO, Paulo Castro.

"Terra broadcasted simultaneous live competitions in Latin America, offering statistics for every sport and athlete in a rich content interface which included comments by different sports experts in each country. We published 40 thousand photos and 5,000 videos and broadcasted a total of 4750 hours in Portuguese and 4750 hours in Spanish," said Castro who also thanked OBS for its flawless work in the London 2012 broadcast for the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

All this material was integrated to Terra's original content, from its studios at the International Broadcasting Centre in London, besides all the content production coming from Terra's studios in different countries.

Terra's CEO underlined the technological changes in the last four years, "we had the full impact of this huge technological leap between the last two Olympic Games. Comparing London to Beijing, our reach has nearly quadrupled. In Beijing, we had basically the computer screens to offer our live content interface. In London, we were able to showcase it through tablets, mobile phones and Digital Out of Home screens, besides the Smart TVs, a growing platform that, in spite of the current small numbers, have a surely a promising future and in addition can support 3D broadcasting".

In the countries for which the company acquired the broadcasting rights, Terra delivered 122.4 million video streamings - live and on demand, 10 million of which were delivered to mobile devices, a new record in terms of broadcasting via mobile devices. Proving that in the London 2012 Olympics there was a massive consumption of content through devices that either were insignificant during Beijing or hadn't even been launched at the time.

About Terra:
Terra is a leading global digital media company that reaches a monthly audience of nearly 100 million people interested in entertainment, sports, and news content across multiple platforms.

Chosen as one of the "2011 Most Innovative Companies" in the world, by Fast Company magazine, Terra has revolutionized the way consumers find and enjoy digital content in 18 countries, being the first company to broadcast live news, music concerts, summer and winter Olympics on the internet.

Over its 12-year history, Terra has developed a strong presence in the United States and has become leader in Latin America where its products Sonora and Terra TV reshaped the digital music and video landscape.

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